Life Amplified


with Dan Mason

Host of the Apple #1 Debut Podcast, Life Amplified

Escape your soul-sucking job and take your life 

from bored and unfulfilled to thriving and alive!

"Work-Life Balance" doesn't work when you hate your job.

It's time to discover your life's purpose and make it your paycheck. 

Let me show you how!

  • You feel stuck, frustrated, and unfulfilled in your career.  
  • You want to make a change, but you're terrified of change.
  • Fear of failure, rejection, and financial ruin have kept you feeling trapped and chained to a job you hate.
  • You're going through the motions while dreaming of doing meaningful work that helps people.
  • You want more for your life but lack the motivation to stay consistently aligned with your goals.

  • You always seem to give your energy to friends, family, and your community... but have no energy left for yourself and your dreams.
  • You think it's too late to reinvent your life.

If you're saying YES... I see, hear, and feel you! And you're not alone.

A recent study suggests over 50% of the workforce wants to leave their job this year. 

 Sadly, most of those people will still be stuck in the same office doing the same work in 12 months.


Does This Sound Familiar?

 You've put your career, family, and friends first... even when 

it's meant putting your dreams on the backburner.

 You've chased promotions, pay raises, and new jobs at new companies, expecting each move to bring lasting happiness. Yet, when the "new car smell" wears off, 

you still feel empty.

You're afraid to tell people you're unhappy because you don't want to appear ungrateful.

You know you've accomplished so much. Yet, a deeper wisdom within you 

knows there is something more out there for you.



And I'm going to coach a very select group of motivated 

action-takers who are ready to escape the corporate grind 

and create a life and career they love!

I'm Dan Mason. I Help Driven Professionals in Transition Discover Their Purpose and Do Meaningful Work That Matters!

There's Only ONE Thing Missing From Your Life:

Expert Mentorship!

If you knew how to find your purpose and create the dream career you love, you would have ALREADY done it.

You need the help of a mentor who has already achieved what you want to create. Someone who will show you the path, 

hold you accountable, and help you rapidly 

accelerate your results.

Let’s be real. You and I both know your “6 -month plan” 

to quit your job is BS.

You promised yourself THIS is the year you’re going to 

“make the leap.” But you’re no closer to your goals today than you were on January 1.

You’ve read all the self-help books and follow all the inspirational Instagram accounts, telling yourself you’re “99% ready.”

But really, you’re 0% ready. You are stuck in the cycle of indecision and inaction and fear is keeping you from doing the work you know you're meant to do.

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You’ve probably heard the acronym for TEAM, which stands for
"Together Everyone Accomplishes More?

Imagine working with me directly and a small group of like-minded Souls who "get" you, believe in your dreams (even on the days you don't), and who support you as you
create a new life you didn't know was possible. 

Imagine not just listening to my podcast, but applying the principles I teach 

while having direct feedback from me on a daily basis.

I’m hand-picking a group of exceptional people for a life-changing
opportunity to receive daily mentorship and support.

I only work with action takers who are ready to go all in, play full out, and
show up BIG for themselves, their Purpose, and others.

 We're Going to Live It For The Next 3 Months!


  • Waking up feeling passionate, excited, and alive... knowing your day’s work represents the BEST of you!
  • Making an abundant income doing what you love!
  • Having a career that matches your whole being, not just the same skill set that helped you survive in corporate America!
  • Spending your time doing the things which bring you joy!
  • Being in complete control of your time, finances, and life!
  • Knowing you’re using your gifts to make a real impact in the lives of others.

But you only get these kinds of results when you invest in yourself and make your happiness a bigger priority than the needs of some corporate bigwigs counting money in a boardroom.

Just Imagine...

If you’re saying YES, your transformation is just one click away.

Space is limited. Apply now for...

Life Amplified


with Dan Mason



Here's What's In It For You When You Enroll:

  • Expert Mentorship: With weekly group coaching and accountability calls, monthly one-on-one implementation calls, and daily access to me in a private Facebook group, you will have extraordinary support as you create a life you didn't know was possible.
  • Community: Meet your new tribe! You'll be surrounded by like-minded people who "get" you and will cheer you on every step of the way.
  • Discover Your Purpose: You will get clear on who you REALLY are, before you began to value other people's opinions above your own. I will teach you how to create a purpose statement for your life that will serve as your "North Star" and keep you moving in the right direction long after the program is through.
  • Daily Goal Setting: I'll show you how to set goals that move you in the RIGHT direction, rather than keeping you running in circles. This is how I've 7x'd my business in 2018.
  • Self-Care: Bringing your purpose to life requires ENERGY... and I will help you set up daily routines that fill you up so you can show up and overcome any challenge.
  • Remove Your Mental Blocks: Self-sabotage will be a thing of the past when I help you identify and destroy the limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck in the past (but won't hold you back any longer).

That's What Life Amplified Means to Me...

Now it's Time for You to Create YOURS!

Hi, I’m Dan. I created the Life Amplified coaching program for 

driven professionals who are overwhelmed, overworked, 

and over their soul-sucking job. 

Because I Used to be Just Like You!

In 2014,  I landed a cushy job with the biggest title of my executive career. I made 6-figures, hung out with celebs, and went to parties at Taylor Swift's house.

On paper, life looked great....

But life isn’t lived on paper.

I was miserable, unfulfilled, and so stressed that I ended up contracting shingles... at 38 years old.

That's when I made a decision to find my purpose and create a new life lived on MY terms.

Today, I coach clients around the globe, host a podcast that debuted #1 on Apple, and am a published author. In January, I made nearly double what I did during my highest earning month in my old career.

But more than the money and accomplishments, I’ve created a life of
freedom and opportunity. I work when I want, from wherever I want, while I've simultaneously increased my income AND impact in the world.

Life Amplified is Not Some BS, Program Full of Empty Phrases Like “Follow Your Bliss.” 

These are real-life strategies for real-life challenges from a mentor who 

will support you while also calling BS on the patterns that have kept you stuck in the cycle of indecision and inaction.

Life Amplified isn’t a digital program full of recorded videos that 

don’t address the unique circumstances of YOUR life.

This is a program customized to meet YOUR needs, with 

extraordinary support from a coach who has discovered his purpose, 

brought it to life, and can teach you how to do the same.

You're still spending your days sitting at someone else’s desk 

doing someone else’s work?

You’re stuck working 50+ hours per week at a job you hate? 

What will the cost be to your family? To your health? To your own sense of self-respect because another year has gone by with no action?

Do you want to spend another year being punched in the gut 

by feelings of futility?

What Will Your Life Look, Sound, and Feel Like in 12 Months If:

It Doesn't Have to be That Way. NOW is the Time 

to Create your LIFE AMPLIFIED!

Life Amplified is for You If:

  • You’re tired of putting your happiness off into the future and are ready to take action NOW. 
  • You want to know your work improves the lives of other people. 
  • You’re ready to end procrastination and invest in yourself and your future. 
  • You’re want control over your time, schedule, and life. 
  • You’re a massive-action taker who is ready to turn your “2-year plan” into a 6 month plan. 

Life Amplified isn't for You If:

  • You’re willing to delay your dreams until next month, next year, or some other point when you’ll feel “ready.”
  • You think leaving your comfort zone is supposed to feel "comfortable."
  • You value the opinions of co-workers, family, and friends more than your own intuition.
  • You want to continue to blame other people for why you’re stuck.
  • You don’t want to put in the work to build your dream life.


"Dan makes you want to wake up, get out there, and go conquer the world."

-Elvis Duran, Nationally syndicated Host of Elvis Duran and The Morning Show

"I did it! This is my life now and I couldn't be any more grateful. At 31, I walked away from a steady paycheck and unhappiness in order to grab my dreams by the b***s and squeeze real hard. Today, I start my new career as a licensed cosmetologist. Thank you Dan for your guidance and support. You helped me open so many doors. I'm forever grateful!  - Kate, Sacramento, CA

Dan’s guidance and support was worth every penny of the investment. I started the class with an idea of making an Event Planning business come to life Eleven weeks later, I have almost quadrupled my business. With goal setting exercises, daily focus inner health, and the SUPPORT of Dan and my group, I began to to open myself up to a world of possibilities I didn’t know existed. 

- Tiffany, New York.

90 days ago, I was on autopilot, juggling two jobs, with no plan on how to get out of the situation. Dan has given me the tools to set boundaries, prioritize my goals, deal with difficult situations, and ultimately live my purpose. My loved ones have all noticed the changes in me. If you're willing to do the work, Dan will take your life to a whole new level. 

- Misty, Pennsylvania

"Dan has an ability to recognize your calling and purpose before it even becomes a clear vision for your future. Working with Dan has created a life with more clarity, ease, and exhilaration. I'm more driven and directed to bring my purpose into the world and am grateful for the fuel that Dan provided."

-Jen Hudak, 2-time X-Games Gold Medalist and Amazing Race contestant

Life Amplified


with Dan Mason